brain avm brain arteriovenous malformations


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DIY Golf simulator - Wii with real golf clubs!

I've always wanted a home indoor golf swing simulator so I could geek out on club head speed, estimated distance, trajectory, spin rate, etc....

About AVMs

An arteriovenous malformation, or AVM for short, is a group of blood vessels that are abnormally interconnected with one another. AVMs can...

DIY golf Stimpmeter

Make your own stimpmeter I had been playng golf for about twenty years but just began regular putting practice when I joined my...

The Thing - Dragoon Arizona

  What's through that evil entrance??!!!!! By saving putting yourselves in harm's way, Pam and I threw caution to...

The Positive Web - limit negativity, then get rid of it

The Internet can be a stressful place: Between Facebook rants, Twitter slams, national tragedies, and negative news... just surfing the net...

Making a maze game in Drupal

My Zombie Hospital Game  Intro Screen  Never started on the Reality FPS game layout after having a kid!...

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