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Do Black Cars get Hotter than White Cars?
Until finish converting this article from the other site, the short answer is no. Theres a bunch of tests I did one Saturday but the simple explaination is that black cars get hot faster. You would notice this if you get in and out of your car many times a day but if a white car and a black car are in the beating sun all day - the cabin temp would be the same.
How does the 2012 Olympic freefall diving camera work?
The "Dive Cam" was done by the great Garett Brown, the inventor of the StediCam. The cool thing with the DiveCam is that is it just a camera triggered by simply letting go of a rope!
Syma S033G tail rotor mod
The Syma S033G and the double horse series helicopters are awesome except for a few items, one is not so minor. If you own one or have been reading up to by one, you will soon know that with the ( and with ALL four-bladed styled copteres ) that the back rotor does very little to provide forward trust.
Card Throwing Machines
Shooting 1.5 decks worth of cards per second? Believe it. The goal was to hurl playing cards 45feet into a small trashcan flipped on its side. I won’t get into the details of the bet but one part of being the loser is taking A FULL 52 card deck in the back from the winner’s machine!
About Brain AVMs
An arteriovenous malformation, or AVM for short, is a group of blood vessels that are abnormally interconnected with one another. AVMs can occur in different organs of the body, but brain AVMs are the most problematic. Another term for AVM is "arteriovenous fistula."
How to unblock my own account after 5 failed login attempts with phpMyAdmin?
Been stuck with the "5 failed attampts", aka "go away for 6 hours and try again". After about 10 web articles on modifying php code I finally found an elegant solution that is all done with the MyPHPAdmin panel

My Brain AVM Reboot

After a two month long periods of increasing sleepiness and dizziness, I began a series of MRIs at top facilities in the Los Angeles area. In the fall of 1999 I was diagnosed with a small arterial ventricle malformation (AVM) located in the left parietal area of his brain and was slated for surgery the next month.

Life Snaps - My photo experiment for 2014

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