When I'm not chasing my son around, I'm usually doing...

...one or more of these hobbies or work items. The best part of all of these interests is that my professional work ends up doing what is already fun.

Web Design and Development

Solving puzzles, building Lego cities, and coloring... I ended up getting paid for what I did in elementary school. Those three skills ready do parallel the thought process of a web designer/developer, take a peek.

3D Design and Simulations

More on the grown up side of the art class, 3D. It's a rewarding hobby so I'm happy to post my stuff, even if it won't get me a job at Pixar.  

Inventions & Experiments

There are some crazy long hours that I'll never get back, but for some reason - these side projects had me obsessed at the time.

Nerdfest Challenges

We don't take kindly to armchair scientists. Nerdfests were the ultimate put up or shut up for nerds... and a reason to blow stuff up.


Fun fun.

Brain Work

I had my experiences with the ol' brain wanting to do its own thing, triggering an avalanche of projects on the subject.