Amidst all the Youtube, tablet, video-on-demand, and software content flooding into our popular culture, I wanted to do something to spark my son’s pure imagination. Mr. SneakyIts been six months since I started hiding "pirate treasure" around the neighborhood with accompanying maps that end up in our bushes. Kyan gets really excited, almost panicked as I try to refute the authenticity of the Jolly Roger marked papers and end up begrudgingly going with him to the local park armed with a pair of flashlights.

So far these excursions end with me re-digging a hole while he beat a stop sign with a tree branch. I like the idea of analog imagination but got tired of scouring the neighborhood for landmarks a four year old would recognize so I came up with Mr. Sneaky.

Its not an original idea but I thought it would be a great thing to keep going with escalating complexity.
I’m not saying deceiving your child is a good thing, not at all. Anyway - here is the Mr. Sneaky project (codename = Mr. Sneaky) in progress.


So here is Mr. Sneaky, the first action figure I could find in the clearance isle at target.



The introductory Mr. Sneaky event - Messing up the bathroom.


After we saw this strange doll messing up all the magazines and shampoo bottles, Kyan decided to put Mr. Sneaky in "jail".


Somehow Mr. Sneaky breaks out of jail. Luckily we had a security camera running overnight.



Kyan watching the security video with serious concern


Morning #2 - Mr. Sneaky busts back into the bathroom, finds toothbrush to be the ultimate toy




Mr. Sneaky figures out how to scale doors and Walenza across halways



Oh no - Mr. Sneaky holds an all nighter the day after Black Friday! Even Iron Man can't tell hes dealing from the bottom of the deck.



Oh no! Mr. Sneaky yanks off all the candy canes!



Mr. Sneaky gets caught lurking around Mommy and Daddy's room, caught just before he hops back into the vent.



Mr. Sneaky on the lamp


Kyan finds Mr. Sneaky after a month-long hiding period and, for some reason, makes him part of his Monster Truck Show. Maybe punishment for being so sneaky.

Mr. Sneaky



Kyan is NOT going to be happy when he sees the Mr. Sneaky hijacked Mommy's balloon as transportation.

Mr. Sneaky